Holiday Twist

Holiday Twist

HOLIDAY TWIST centers on a high-powered female executive and Grinchy workaholic CEO (Stables), whose whole world comes crashing down because of unforeseen circumstances despite her self-perceived importance. With help from a Salvation Army Santa (Leeper) and a little holiday magic, the protagonist finally realizes the key to letting go of her painful past is the answer to becoming the twinkling light that both her community and her family need. It’s sure to inspire audiences to be resilient, forgiving, and transformative.

- Synopsis provided by Fabric Origin


  • Stephanie Garvin


  • Kelly Stables
  • Neal McDonough
  • Sean Astin
  • James Maslow
  • Emily Tosta
  • Caylee Cowan
  • Drew Fuller
  • Brian Smith
  • Haley Reinhart
  • Kelli Mi Li
  • Kelly Mi Li
  • Montana Tucker
  • Blake Leeper
  • Jake Miller


  • Stephanie Garvin


  • Adam Khattar
  • Bastiano Farran Ferrari
  • Bradley Evans
  • Chad Oliver
  • Daniel Alejandro Guevara
  • Gato Scatena
  • Jasmine Rossi
  • Jordan Rosner
  • Joshua Lou Friedman
  • Megan Young
  • Michael B. Holder
  • Rick Mulhern
  • Salome Breziner
  • Scott M. Rosenfelt
  • Stephanie Garvin
  • Veljko Dronjak

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